How Often Do You Review Your Ideal Client Profile?

How often do you review your ideal client profile? Do you do it once a year? Twice? Quarterly?

I am used to reviewing my client profile at the beginning of each year, when I also update my resume and re-assess my best products and services. It’s a process that helps me set a new direction for my professional goals in the year that is about to start. It gives me a fresh perspective.

Hence, I look at:

1.     Who Is My Client?

If I understand my client’s business and what makes it unique, I can better serve his / her goals.

2.     What Is My Client Looking for?

Is my client looking for marketing plans, white papers or other media products (i.e., newsletters, books, blogs, or websites)? Is he / she in need of brand enhancement or development? Perhaps strategic planning? Fundraising?

3.     Where Are My Clients?

Are my prospective clients in the Catskills / Hudson Valley area? Or, are they in New York City? How do I facilitate a meeting?

4.     When Is My Ideal Client In the Market? What Is His / Her Purchasing Behavior?

When is my prospective client most likely to re-vamp a website, publish a newsletter or a handbook, look for market research, organize events, or engage in strategic planning? How do my services respond to these needs?

5.     How Do Prospective Clients Find Me?

Most of my clients are repeat clients. Others find me through referrals, word of mouth, business meetings, or social media.

Also, to better understand my clients, I regularly conduct surveys and gather insights. It’s important to me to know how my clients find me, what they like about my services, and what else they’d like to be offered.


What is your advice? How do you go about reviewing your ideal client profile?


Have a productive new year!