“Simona David Consulting has helped considerably with press, marketing, and publicizing my books. Simona has great ideas and is willing to work with me on all aspects of publicity. I highly recommend her!”

margaret dibenedetto, author

“Simona is able to consolidate hours of discussion and debate into clear and efficient writing. Her critical thinking skills allowed for the accurate deciphering, accounting and relay of information both pertinent and important to our clientele.”

Michael Poulopoulos, Co-Director, New York StateWatch

“In addition to being a writer of distinction, Simona David is also a Communications and Public Relations Consultant, as well as a successful publishing entrepreneur. I can speak from experience here. The beautiful slide show she created for my book, THE QUARRY FOX AND OTHER CRITTERS OF THE WILD CATSKILLS, has been an extraordinary aid in my presentations about Catskill wildlife and a brilliant teaching tool. Simona herself is also an accomplished teacher and a sought-after participant on publishing panels and at book festivals and book fairs. At these events, and in her teaching, she generously offers a wealth of information, especially about every aspect of publishing one’s own work—editorial, production and design, and the all-important, but often neglected, marketing plan. Simona is invariably enthusiastic, accessible and supportive in her dealings with all.

I should also add that Simona is a transformative leader. She is the co-founder of the Greater Roxbury (NY) Business Association, which works to promote local merchants and their products. As President of Writers in the Mountains (WIM), whose mission is to provide a nurturing environment for the practice, appreciation and sharing of creative writing in the Catskill region, she has overseen this organization’s exponential growth and influence. Under her leadership, WIM has become a highly influential and treasured Catskills literary resource.

In short, Simona David is an accomplished artist in her own right, a person of impeccable character, and a passionate and effective advocate for all artists, especially of the Catskills.”


Leslie T. Sharpe, Author

“Readers are taken on a journey through the artistic riches of the Catskills and are given a front row seat into the process of making art in the region. Through the interviews and photos that fill How Art is Made, Ms. David guides readers through adventure in Catskill art that no one will want to turn down, or be able to put down once they start reading.”


“By embedding herself in the studios and workshops where artists create in the Catskills, Simona David lends us rare insight into how their original perspectives are re-shaping our rural neighborhoods for the better.”