Interviews Broadcast on WIOX Roxbury, NY 91.3 FM (copies are available by request): 

Interview with scholar Linda Norris, on 08/30/2010 and 12/02/2013;

Interview with Holocaust Survivor James Lichtman, on 10/11/2010;

Interview with landscape designer and local food writer Karin Ursula Edmondson, on 12/06/2010;

Interview with Justin Kolb, classical music pianist, on 12/13/2010;

Interview with Heidi Younger, commercial illustrator and professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, on 01/17/2011;

Interview with playwright and composer Jim Farmer, on 07/25/2011;

Interview with Holocaust Survivor Abe Piasek, on 08/01/2011;

Interview with Yung Yung Tsuai, dancer and choreographer, on 08/15/2011;

Interview with Diana Adams, retired lawyer, co-owner with her husband William, retired physician, of the Adams Antiquarian Bookstore in Hobart, NY, on 10/03/2011;

Interview with Elda Stifani, retired diplomat, owner of Hobart International Bookport in Hobart, NY, on 10/03/2011;

Interview with Alexandra Marvar, freelance writer and photographer, contributor to The Huffington Post, Cinespect Magazine,, Time Out New York, and others, on 02/27/2012;

Interview with Amy Pickens, bookbinder, owner of Paper Moon Bookbinding, on 04/23/2012;

Interview with Michael Popek, author of two books – Forgotten Bookmarks, and Handwritten Recipes, on 12/10/2012;

Interview with Akira and Ellie Ohiso of Green Door Magazine, on 01/21/2013;

Interview with Melody Newcombe, President of the Ulster County Women Network, on 02/25/2013;

Interview with Martha Frankel, Executive Director of the Woodstock Writers Festival, on 04/08/2013, 03/31/2014 and 03/28/2016;

Interview with Aaron Diehl, jazz pianist at Lincoln Center, on 05/06/2013;

Interview with Sally Isaacs, co-chair and co-founder of the 21st Century Children’s Non-Fiction Conference, on 06/10/2013 and 06/09/2014;

Interview with German artist Sybille Neumeyer, on 08/19/2013;

Interview with YA author Alison Cherry, on 10/21/2013;

Interview with writer-entrepreneur Eleanor Whitney, on 10/28/2013;

Interview with writer and photographer Catarina Astrom, author of Swedish Homecooking: in America, and Swedish Christmas, on 11/18/2013;

Interview with Corina Suteu and Mihai Chirilov, organizers of the Romanian Film Festival at Lincoln Center, on 11/25/2013;

Interview with Mathew Pokoik, co-founder of Mount Tremper Arts (MTA), on 01/20/2014;

Interview with Dr. Jennifer Browdy, founding director of the Berkshire Festival of Women Writers, on 03/03/2014;

Interview with painter Ellen Wong, on 07/21/2014;

Interview with Kate Menconeri, curator at the Thomas Cole National Historic Site, on 10/27/2014;

Interview with illustrator Didier Crémieux, on 12/08/2014;

​Interview with nutritionist Jeanette Bronée, author of Eat to Feel Full, on 12/22/2014;

Interview with Kathryn Weller, director of Education and Public Programs at the New York State Museum in Albany, on 02/09/15;

​Interview with Betsy Jacks, Executive Director at the Thomas Cole National Historic Site, on 04/27/2015;

Interview with Ariel Shanberg, Executive Director at the Center for Photography at Woodstock, on 05/18/2015;

Interview with Alexander Platt, music director at Maverick Concert Hall, on 06/08/2015;

Interview with Erin Coe, Executive Director at the Hyde Collection, on 09/21/2015;

Interview with sculptor Brian Tolle, on 11/16/2015;

Interview with stamp artist Molly Rausch, on 12/07/2015;

Interview with Dr. Mark Wolff, digital humanist at Hartwick College, on 01/25/2016;

Interview with New York Times bestselling author Sari Botton, editor of Goodbye to All That, and Never Can Say Goodbye, on 02/08/2016;

Interview with Rosie Schaap, author of the “Drink” column for The New York Times Magazine, and the celebrated memoir Drinking with Men, on 04/23/2016;

Featured (Click for Audio File)*:

Interview with Carmela Marner, Executive Director at Franklin Stage Company, on 06/22/2015;

Interview with Dr. Harvey Stenger, President of Binghamton University and Co-Chair of the Southern Tier Regional Economic Development Council, on 12/28/2015;

Interview with business advisor Ajax Greene, Vice Chair of Re>Think Local, on 05/16/2016;

Interview with Christine Rossi, curator at Fenimore Art Museum, on 05/23/2016;

Interview with Dr. Marvin Bolt, curator of science and technology at The Corning Museum of Glass, on 08/22/2016.

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